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What is a nose wire?

September 09 , 2022
What is a nose wire?
The nose wire strip is a thin rubber strip inside the mask, which plays the role of fixing the mask on the bridge of the nose.

Nose wire Introduction:
As the name suggests, it is a thin rubber strip used in the mask, which acts as a mask to fix the bridge of the nose.
Therefore, the nose bridge strip is also called full plastic nose bridge strip - nose bridge bar - nose bridge line.

The nose bridge strip of the all-plastic mask is all made of polyolefin resin. It bends and deforms with external force like a metal wire. It does not rebound when the external force is lost, and maintains the excellent performance of the existing shape. It can be similar to non-woven materials. Melt and play the role of fixing the mask on the bridge of the nose.

According to the classification, it can be divided into full plastic strip, single wire nose wire, double iron wire nose wire, aluminum nose wire

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