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Spunlace non-woven fabric

November 08 , 2021

Spunlace non-woven fabric is to spray high-pressure fine water flow onto one or more layers of fiber webs, so that the fibers are entangled with each other, so that the fiber web is reinforced and has a certain strength, and the obtained fabric is spunlace non-woven fabric. Its fiber raw materials come from a wide range of sources, which can be polyester, nylon, polypropylene, viscose fiber, chitin fiber, microfiber, tencel, silk, bamboo fiber, wood pulp fiber, seaweed fiber, etc.

Main ingreadient:
(1) Natural fibers: cotton, wool, hemp, silk;
(2) Conventional fibers: viscose fiber, polyester fiber, acetate fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber;
(3) Differential fibers: ultrafine fibers, special-shaped fibers, low melting point fibers, high crimp fibers, antistatic fibers;
(4) High functional fibers: aramid fiber, carbon fiber, metal fiber.

Main feature:
1. Flexible entanglement, does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber, does not damage the fiber
2. Appearance is closer to traditional textiles than other non-woven materials
3. High strength and low fluff
4. High hygroscopicity, rapid moisture absorption
5. Good breathability
6. Soft feel and good drape
Printed spunlace non-woven fabric
Printing spunlace non-woven fabric (1)
7. The appearance is varied
8. No need for adhesive reinforcement, washable
9. Long production process and large area
10. Complex equipment and high water quality requirements
11. Spunlace machine consumes a lot of energy

Spunlace non-woven fabrics are used for medical curtains, surgical gowns, surgical cover cloths, medical dressing materials, wound dressings, medical gauze, aviation rags, clothing lining fabrics, coating base fabrics, disposable materials, and advanced rags for instruments and meters. , high-grade rags, towels, cotton pads, wet wipes, mask covering materials, etc. in the electronics industry

Production technology:
The research and development of spunlace composite technology not only overcomes the limitations of some nonwoven products, increases the variety of colors, greatly broadens the application field of spunlace nonwovens, but also promotes the development of spunlace technology and even the entire nonwovens process. develop and improve.
(1) Spunlace and wood pulp airlaid composite technology. Since the price of wood pulp is much cheaper than that of short fibers commonly used in spunlace, and the fluff pulp has good hygroscopicity and hand feel, the resulting products are cheaper than all fiber-based products, and are very competitive in price, but in terms of technology The requirements for the filter system are very high. The product can be used as a wiper (70%g/m2), diaper and sanitary napkin inner core material. The equipment for spunlace and wood pulp air-laid compounding includes Aquapulp of Fleissner Company and Airlace of Perfojet Company.
(2) Composite technology of spunlace and filament spunbond web. The composite product of this method has both the strength of the spunbond nonwoven fabric and the good absorption performance of short fibers, and is even and softer than the spunbond nonwoven fabric, has the function of absorbing water and oil, and has high strength, and can be used as food wrapping , decorative cloth and cleaning cloth, etc. The equipment for spunlace and spunbond compounding includes Aquqspun and Aquasplit of Flerssner Company. And Freudenberg's Evolon processing technology.
(3) Spunlace and wet-laid composite technology. Typical process Detex's Hydraspun technology is composed of Detex's wet-laid technology combined with the Soflom spunlace method registered by Japan's Unicharm. The strength and softness of Hyderaspun wet spunlace nonwovens are equal to or even exceed those of traditional dry spunlace nonwovens, and the wet spunlace nonwovens do not shed lint, and their seam tensile strength is the same as that of dry spunlace nonwovens. Twice as much as non-woven fabrics, especially for apparel.

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